Frequently Asked Questions abut the ‘Win a Villa’ Competition

When does the 'win a house' competition launch?

Competition tickets will go on sale in early 2018. Register your email address if you want to be notified as soon as tickets are available.

When will the draw take place?
In early September 2018 (after the summer rental season has finished).
How much will the tickets cost?
The tickets will cost £10, and there will be a vaiety of payment methods.
How many tickets will be sold?
We aim to sell 120,000 tickets.
What does the prize include?
The prize includes the villa free of all mortgages, charges or other encumbrances, all Spanish property taxes and legal fees due on the sale, together with the internal and garden furniture, fixtures and fittings, so that the winner can enjoy their new house in the sun straightaway! The competition prize also includes £3,000 towards the winner’s expenses to travel to Spain to execute the transfer document and take possession of the villa, plus an additional £2,000 for initial utility costs.
I live outside the UK, can I enter the 'win a house' competition?
We will be accepting international entries from countries where such entry would not contravene the laws of that country. It is your responsibility to ensure that the laws of your country do not prevent your entry into the competition. Be aware that in some countries you may also have to pay tax on your win.
What are the running costs of the villa?
Surprisingly reasonable for a house of this size! Council tax amounts to approximately €800 per year. Water is metered. The cost of utilities such as electricity and heating oil will depend on how much you use the villa, just as in the UK.
Will I be able to rent it out if I win?
Of course! The house is already a successful holiday rental. As part of the prize we will transfer our rental website to you. We will also arrange for our gestor to obtain a rental license for the winner of the competition, and the costs of that will be covered by the winner’s expenses fund. If the winner decides to continue the rental business we’ll provide all reasonable help to familiarise themselves with the business.
I have more questions, how can I contact you?
For media or general enquiries, email us at or fill in the contact form on this site. Once the competition goes live we will also be expanding the FAQs.

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